February 20, 2010

Nicest paint booth ever!*

*Not necessarily the nicest ever. Don't sue me.

Still its pretty nonetheless. At its heart is a regular old stove top exhaust fan unit where previously I had made a box under it with some thin MDF. It worked fine with a dryer hose run out through a blank board sandwiched in the window. Ugly and functional.

Here we have gone all hoity toity. The exterior is thin plywood glued on to the existing MDF and trimmed out with some wooden craft moldings exactly like those I used on the shelf on the computer desk. Some glue and a little time with the brad nailer and its done. The top has a flap on hinges to provide access to the fan controls and otherwise look pretty, and the bottom is a top-secret hidden compartment with the face being held in place by some stout magnets. I will keep paint, jars, airbrushes, and other stuff hidden in here.

Whats left to do,(when it warms up some), is to run a more permanent and attractive hose up and out through a 4 in. hole to exhaust outside via a standard dryer vent fixture. I am also thinking about something to block off the front of the booth when its not in use, the inside is just so ugly. Hey, I think a 27in. flatscreen would fit nicely in there!

This was the last of the major projects. (Huzzah!) I have a couple of smaller more or less set dressing type projects but I could start modeling in here anytime now if I wanted, but first I'm going to get all the paint dings and shiny screw heads covered while I still have my steam up. I figure once I start working a model then that's it for room work and we can declare the festivities closed.

However, can't get too antsy yet, there's still more to do...

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Anonymous said...

Looks super! Eager to see what you eventually do with the dryer vent apparatus.