February 14, 2010

A - Door - A - Bull

Right then. Here's the finished "door" for your viewing pleasure. Door to all you Land Lubbers out there, but its a "hatch" to us salty sea-going types. This was a living room project, Marsha's favorite. I put up a couple saw horses to work on gluing all the trim parts and rivets in place in the only open space we have inside. When that was finished I still had to wait for a warmish day to spray paint the thing outside.

It was primed a dark grey then given an overall coat of rust. Then I over painted with the final color that matched the porthole mirror I purchased at the USS Razorback museum last summer for just this purpose. Hiya co-tripper Jeffty! Some of the rust color kind of bleeds through giving a more three dimensional look to the finish. I am happy with the result.

The handle is supposed to look a little like a "dog" which is navy talk for the handles around the edge of water-tight doors to seal them tight against the sea or foul weather. Its kind of a neat design in any event.

The final major project, the re-facing of the paint booth and its associated exhaust piping, is well underway and will be operational soon. I am putting in a dryer vent style fitting for the exhaust and I will need a warm day for that since it requires a 4 and a half inch hole in the house. Then its on to final touch ups and details.

Alas..(or Hurray!) The end is near.

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Anonymous said...

The door, er, hatch looks F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C! DAMN, you're good, kid.