April 13, 2010

And so it ends...

Here's the final look. See the first post for what came before.

Final thoughts.

Loads of fun. And I think I managed to hit all the high points of my about me blurb. Offbeat idea. Check. Freaked out wife. Check. Creative outlet and problems to solve. Check. I learned about a lot of stuff I hadn't tried before. How to work with pink insulation, casting and molding parts, woodworking and staining, lighting, flooring, and building/refinishing furniture pieces.

I like how it turned out. Undoubtedly you'd have done things in a different way and that's cool. What I hope to have achieved is this--As kids we always come up with great ideas for the perfect tree-house or go-cart or carnival or haunted house but we never really get them done. We lose interest, don't have the money, or the parents say no. I just wanted to finally finish something cool like that now that I didn't have those constraints any more. This room IS my perfect tree house now.

I say to anyone out there, think it up and DO it. It gives you an immense feeling of connection within yourself and sense of accomplishment when you finish but of course as I have said, its more about learning what you can do and who you are in the process.

Thanks for following along it was a hoot. Get out and do something yourselves to prove to the world you are here and perhaps slightly "off".

And laugh more...


PaulC said...

Congratulations, Nemo! Well done. Loved your "tree house" analogy. A fine observation. Who knows? Maybe some day my own salon will come to pass...in God's good time.

Anonymous said...

Paul's comments echo mine -- or rather, my thoughts echo his. Major congrats, my friend! For me the challenge is and will be the Boat, not a room. Sorry it's taken me so long to check in here again -- your efforts never disappoint, bud. Can't wait to "live" the room, rather than just see it here.

Best, Jeffty