January 25, 2010

Genuine imitation wood paneling at no extra charge

These are posts are coming quicker now...

Just a quick down and dirty one this time. My workbench is done and as you can see has certainly gotten a makeover from its stark whiteness. The legs are painted the same aged copper as the other "fittings" around the room. The side panels were too. The design is a decorative resin decor thing from Hobby Lobby, and the corner pieces are a couple wood pieces from the Home Depot. Sometimes you just gotta poke around these places fending off the "May I help you"s until something clicks in your head.

The front is some more of our old friends the rivets, and the top... the top is a stroke of genius. (well inspiration maybe) That beat up white top was just something I thought I'd have to live with but then I saw wood grained shelf paper at Wal-E-World and that saved the day. Just a last minute idea but it really will help catch glue and paint spills when I get to modeling again and be very easy to replace when it gets too mucky.

I am working on those brass gauges I mentioned in an earlier post now. I have the inclinometer cleaned up and am preparing fairly passable Engine Order Telegraph, an Seawater Depth gauges to go with it from a couple of surplus barometers. Should be ready in a day or two.

Only two major projects remain. The painting booth that you can see in the background here and the inside of the bedroom door. Thats got to be made to look metal like the walls. How am I going to make that hollow core wood door with all that grain look metal? Stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant. As usual. (I'd expect nothing less.)