January 17, 2010

Biggles! Put her in the Comfy Chair!

No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!

It turns out it wasn't the torture I'd feared, but "restored" may be too strong of a word for what I have wrought here. Whatever else you can say about my skills though, it IS a functioning chair again. I have learned that I am neither naturally gifted at upholstery work or that I could ever make a living at it either for that matter.

Originally it was stuffed with grass and horsehair or something but I just went with some seat cushion foam cut to size for the bottom. I used the old seat as a pattern and just cut everything a bit long around the edge. I pulled it tight with clamps and worked around the edge tacking it into place hoping for as few wrinkles as possible.

I used patterns to make the exact and symmetrical shapes for the chair top front and back and tacked them taut around the edges as well. Once I started it got easier as I went along. For the final touch I used some fancy looking upholstery nails and a gold trim around all the edges.

The chair itself is somewhat shorter than the computer desk chair it replaces so a lap keyboard pillow is going to be in order for any kind of typing. All in all though a nice compliment to the room.

I will be starting on my workbench project next. It is getting repainted and disguised a bit but nothing too exotic going on. The weather looks decent for the next couple of days so I should get a lot done. Things are clipping along nicely now.

Is that a light I see at the end of the tunnel?

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Anonymous said...

I assume the dogs have been instructed that they will be staying off the new upholstery?

Nice work as always. Yes, that tunnel-end light must be blinding.